Thermalloy® Cast Iron Au Gratin Round

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Bake, broil, sear, slow-cook and stir-fry in this versatile pan.
⚬ Heats evenly for superior browning, for best results, preheat before adding food.
⚬For added longevity, pre-heat and cool your cookware gradually.
⚬Retains heat well for low cooking and serving, for stovetop use low/medium heat, not high heat.
⚬Complete one piece design for strength and durability.
⚬Ideal for serving a range of dishes and sides for table or buffet service.
⚬Enamel coating is resistant to acidic and alkaline foods.
⚬Suitable for silicone, nylon and wooden utensils.
⚬Induction, Ceramic, Electric, Gas, Oven, Halogen, Grill.





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